Bully Dog Dodge Ram Exhausts and performance upgrades

Bully Dog Dodge Exhausts for Dodge and all Pickups

Bully Dog Dodge Exhausts and tuners  American Made for American Pick up trucks and SUV s

Bully Dog Dodge Exhausts American Made for American Pick up trucks and SUV s  performance exhausts fre flowing adds good mpg and power too- plus amazing  Deep rumble! USA Made Mandrel bent super free  flowing Bully Dog Technologies' Rapid Flow Exhaust Systems are designed and built with absolute minimal degree angles on bends. This will create the most free flowing low back pressure system in the industry allowing the turbo to move air more freely, reducing exhaust temperatures. Dyno Results have shown a 10-20 horsepower gain in horsepower be simply switching from tock to a Rapid Flow Exhaust System. This will also lower exhaust temperatures by as much as 200 degrees depending on size upgrade and horsepower output.
The Bully Dog Rapid Flow Exhaust Systems have been specially designed to allow the lowest mandrel bends in the industry. The lower mandrel bends allow increased air flow which reduces exhaust tem- peratures, burns more fuel in the combustion chamber adding additional horsepower and fuel economy. This instruction set covers both the 4" STAINLESS PERFORMANCE DODGE RAM CUMMINS  Exhaust  the 4” Rapid Flow Exhaust install the same way  and come complete with all stainless hangers and mounts/ bolts and full fitting kit included-

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Dodge Ram 5.9L diesel Cummins performance air intake kit Bully Dog 222102

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