BMW R1200C Montauk Windscreen Replacement Screen Clear N21221

National Cycle USA
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BMW R1200C Montauk Replacement Screen Clear N21220

BMW R1200C Montauk Replacement Screen for N2220 or N2221

4.0mm Quantum coated Lexan polycarbonate replacement screen. Must have N2220 or N2221 hardware to reuse.

Material: 4.0mm Quantum coated Lexan Polycarbonate- Lexan Polycarbonate with Quantum hardcoat is the highest quality motorcycle windscreen material available. It is vastly superior to any other hardcoat application and is virtually indestructible.

Hardware: Must have all mounting and metal parts and fasteners from a National Cycle N2220 or N2221 Heavy Duty Windshield to mount this replacement screen.

Lexan polycarbonate is 22 times stronger than acrylic screens. Make sure you have the best material in front of you for protection from debris, rocks, birds, and anything else that can unexpectedly hit your windshield.

14.25 in. to 17.25 in. of height adjustment. 18.75 in. wide.

You must purchase the following to install this product: N2220 or N2221

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