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Givi 46 litre Top Case With Aluminium finish with top opening Trekker TRK46N adventure touring panniers BMW Triumph etc

Givi Trekker TRK46N Aluminium 46 litre Top Case Adventure touring luggage panniers TRK46N adventure touring panniers luggage ideal BMW R1200GS Triumph Tiger Cross tourer

46 litre top-case black with aluminium finish with top opening

Available in two versions, with a capacities of 46 LT ( TRK46N) and 33 LT (TRK33N), the new TREKKER case are the best solution for the bikes equipped with exhaust pipes only on one side. Buy affixing the smaller bag to the side with the exhaust pipe, and the larger on the other, in many cases you can solve the issue of asymmetry (a problem that you might find using traditional side bags). Thanks to special selectors placed inside the bags, you can convert each version to either to fully open the entire lid or only the uppermost smaller opening (very practical for quickly accessing items from the bag, avoiding any ill timed spilling the whole contents). Elaborately trimmed in steel foil, these bags are not necessarily specific to just enduro bikes, they can also be a luxurious accessory on the elegant ones. This peculiar diversity sold in a single unique package, combined with its ability to be used as a top case on the Monokey plates, gives to the customer the opportunity to choose the best combination to mount to the bike in order to suit his/her space needs.



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