Battery Tender QDC USB Charger Plug To Charge Items That Can Be Charged Via USB

Battery Tender USA
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Battery Tender motorbike motorcycle  QDC USB Charger socket  To Charge Items That Can Be Charged Via USB  BCHTEN07

Fully water proof- Battery Tender motorbike motorcycle  QDC USB Charger socket

Battery Tender motorbike motorcycle  QDC USB Charger socket  To Charge Items That Can Be Charged Via USB  BCHTEN07

To charge iPhone, iPad, GPS, Camera or any Smartphone or device that can be charged via USB.

Key Features:

  • Charge iPhone, iPad, GPS, Smartphone etc
  • Works with any device that can be charged via USB
  • Designed for use on any 12V battery
    • Battery Tender USA Battery chargers and conditioners the Ultimate Charger as used by Harley Davidson and rebadged made in USA! see this 2 bike charger too! also Lithium and 4 bike and single available too!  

      Battery Tender is same one Harley rebadge as made in USA not far east-  but HD charge over £90 extra! for a hd stoicker  see

      usb phone charger  here

      25ft lead to charge away from house or in big garage

      if two bikes extra lead one icluded with chargers also the croc clip for other batteries too included .

      If more than 2 bikes like we use here  4 BIKE (or car truck) charger here

      Or if you need a Premium battery not just normal far east specials call Mike 01773835666

      Battery tender Battery Intelligent chargers and accessories

      Battery tender Battery Intelligent  chargers and accessories  feature Revolutionary microprocessor. Controlled multi-step charging designed for all 12 volt lead acid batteries, sealed lead acid, AGM, flooded, and Gel Advanced constant current / constant voltage charges faster than any other charger in this class. New international voltage input range 100 to 240 volts AC @ 50/60 Hz. Sound chip simulates V-Twin engine on start-up. Reverse polarity protection. SuperSmart technology Come with croc clips and bike charging leads extra leads available I even use to charge my Mercedes Sprinter with 4 25 ft leads! as fully waterproof ! see our USB Cigar lighters lead lights battery checkers and lots more plug in accessories from Battery tender too!

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