Kuryakyn Normal Footpeg Adaptors For Kawasaki

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Kuryakyn Normal Footpeg Adaptors For Kawasaki

Kuryakyn Normal Footpeg Adaptors For Kawasaki

Küryakyn Footpegs are a 2-part system for convenience & easy installation.
Simply select the Footpegs you desire & the appropriate motorcycle specific Adapter for your bike. The new serrated Adapters bite right into your footpegs for a secure attachment, so make sure they are at the desired angle before you tighten them down. This convenient 2-part system also allows you to change your pegs without purchasing new adapters.
Have a new bike? Simply switch your pegs by purchasing new Adapters.

Note: Adapter fitments are for stock OEM peg mounts.

Price per pair of Adaptors (Footpegs must be purchased separately)

These adaptors are required for fitting the following products:-
Kuryakyn Flamin' Pegs, Widow Pegs, Zombie Pegs, ISO®-Sweptwing Pegs, Switchblade Pegs, Stiletto Pegs, Dually ISO-Pegs,  Small ISO-Pegs, Large ISO-Pegs,  ISO-Wings, Pilot Pegs, Retro Pegs,  & Mini Pilot Pegs

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