Harley Davidson FXR 1991 83 cubic inch classic Investment

Harley davidson
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For sale Harley Davidson FXR FXRS 1991 83 cubic inch classic great reliablke classic investment Erik Buell deisn frame 1340 5 speed motor , some over a Million miles ! Investment call Mike Custom Cruisers 017739835666  also got American Iron horse and frames to build your own!! motors trannies etc  Z1300 kawasaki 7 Goldwings a trike too !  call for other bikes may not be on web-Mike

Harley Davidson FXR S 1991 83 cubic inch classic Investment

Harley Davidson FXRS 1991 1340 rare great Investment !

For sale Harley Davidson Harley Davidson FXR 1991 1340 best handling classic Harley ever built frame and chassis design by Erik Buell Harrison 6 pot front brake , upgrade Bullet nose cone Ness screen ,mostly original with Forwards in picture or available with FXRP police floorboards too ! at extra cost very reare items ! fully primary compensator every tranny seal and oils all new promising many years of continued FUN , lightweight bike with legendary handling make these the most sought after Harleys super reliable 1340 motor auto tappets new drive belt ,one FXR is in the Harley Museum with over a MILLION miles! get that out of atwincam or M8- No chance lol

Harley Evo awesome Big Twin  sound unlike later bikes easy servicing no electronics and masses cheap spares and upgrades available buy the best call Mike 01773845666 for full details on this classic investment .

Harley Davidson FXRS Super Glide Low Rider 1991 Rare classic motorcycle

Harley Davidson FXRS  super glide low rider simply the best handling coolest bike they ever made awesome sound handling and looks as used in Harley davidsob and the Marlborough man film and by serious bikers for many years and still are ! Riders now taking this awesome frame and adding S&S big motors and Baker 6 dspeeds Ohlins you name it- great investment buy the BEST! classic cool ride  Mike


Harley Davidson Frame Design by Erik Buell 

Harley Davidson FXR frame off my Mates Nigels Bike now fully repaired after some idiot bodged it up- ! Heres the REASON why they are so awesome to ride fully rubber mounted motor ensures great comfort and isolates you from the V Twin vibes - twin rear shocks and torquey 1340 cc motor with 5 speed transmission ensure a great ride too- these bikes are getting hard to get hold of grab a classic investment lets face it why put it in the bank when you can ride it AND MAKE MONEY if you cash it in! cal Mike 01773835666 for details .