Harley davidson Twin cam primary chain tensioner that doesnt wreck primary!

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Harley Davidson M8 milwaukee 8  primary chain tensioner ,essential upgrade to stop damage wrecking primary when original breaks the clutch bearing and compenstor too!  5 sold last month having destroyed entire primary contents see pics! mike 01773835666

M8 Harley 107 114 primary chain tensioner upgrade direct replacement easy to fit ne tab washers and manually adjust for tension!
Original broken harley davidson M8 compensator sprocket

Original way too thin 07 up twin cams  harley compensator ramp system broken by overtightned primary chain! like 5 more last month! .

M8 harley compensator broken still in position ie no drive to bike!

See lower compensator part snapped inside primary the metal flew out wrecking clutch too-

Harley Davidson primary tensioner Twin cam upgrade shows BDL CS34A  compesator sprocket too!

This is the full cure after but to save money fit our tensioner to help save wear and tear - if cannot afford the full kit!

Heres a Video on the  Harley Davidson Twin cam upgrade  after 2007 !

Harley Davidson Twin Cam and Tensioner upgrades even screaming eagle ones will break if bike is modified and the metal is WAY too thin see pics if running a upgraded or even stock motor this is a big prroblem as you can see - if your clutch is damaged when it goes we highly recommend the Barnett billet upgrade call Mike 01773835666 if any queries.

Compensator problems and upgrades tensioner for Harley Davidson M8 Milwaukee 8 the CURE !

See here the issues and problems caused by exploding M8 primaries lots done and climbing - ideally fit a manual tensionr will help given sonve 2007 twin cams have exactly the same issues i cannot believe Harley still usee the over tensioning chain adjusters! heres the best system if yours goes- mike