BDL CS-34A compensator upgrade Harley Davidson Twin Cam BDL springless compensator sprocket primary chain

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Harley Davidson Twin Cam  BDL CS-34A compensator springless upgrade WAY BETTER! upgrade cushioned sprocket primary chain not solid -
 stops failure of original  damage wrecking primary when original breaks 5 sold last month having destroyed entire primary contents see pics! mike 01773835666

Harley Davidson Twin Cam  BDL CS-34A compensator springless upgrade 
NOT solid awesome lazy thread design really works!"
Original broken harley davidson M8 compensator sprocket

Original way too thin harley compensator ramp system broken like 5 more last month! .

M8 harley compensator broken still in position ie no drive to bike!

See lower compensator part snapped inside primary the metal flew out wrecking clutch too-

coplete upgrade if required available all USA parts!
This is the BDL CS-34A springless compemsator  cure after but to save money fit our tensioner to help save wear and tear - if cannot afford the full kit!

Video of the sure for Harley Davidson Twin Cam BDL CS-34A compensator upgrade and Primary tensioner manual upgrade!

Harley Davidson Primary upgrade BDL CS34-A  compensator no more jingly noises and rattling on the overrun or exploding compensator ! *** to BUY Tensioner  **  this Upgrade uses an awesome system basically a lazy screw thread with plates so no more rattling or jingling like with the stock system ; or coming off!  huge bolt holds this  system on too ! so very safe and bombproof system for big motors and extra horsepower applications .which will destroy the stock system . Having fitted msny of these in our workshop I highly recommended this kit it comes complete with primary gasket ,manual primary chain tensioner ,to do away with the auto ratcheting when it is not required like stock one ! Especially standard Harley Davison tensioner causing excessive chain wear with possible compensator and clutch  failure  as well  this kit  retail is around about £440 but is the best you can buy for the money ! comes complete with James primary oil gasket , new drain washer And is what we consider to be the best ,  full kit with gaskets oil complete DIY install no discs like hub caps that wear out just a screw thread style compensator  with no jungly failing parts ! Note 07 up if using screaming eagle compensator rotor complete you will need an earlier rotor as it is welded to it ! Stop the horrendous tin can ball bearing factory rattle as your accelerate and decelerate with your bike ; especially are fitted with upgraded motor and high torque monsters  this will destroy the standard components quickly , eventually failing and possibly even ripping off the primary , a very dangerous situation can arise .

See Also Compensator problems and upgrades tensioner for Harley Davidson M8 Milwaukee 8 & 2007 up Twin cams the BEST CURE ! see video of the BDL non solid compensator for the ultimate in strength and smoothness .this video shows all the rest of the parts needed ie spring loaded tensioner option too!  

See here the issues and problems caused by exploding M8 primaries and \Twin cams too from 2007 up ! lots done and climbing - ideally fit a spring loaded non ratcheting primary  tensioner will help given some 2007 twin cams have exactly the same issues i cannot believe Harley still use the over tensioning chain adjusters! heres the best system if yours goes- mike