Suzuki M1500 M90 Exhaust Cobra Speedster Swept 2009- up

Cobra USA
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Suzuki M1500 M90 Exhaust Cobra Speedster Swept 2009- up CO3223

Awesome Cobra swept exhaust styling like vance Hines big radius ! full heatshields with great looks and sound too!

Suzuki M1500 M90 Exhaust 3223

This Speedster Swept pipe has it all, topped off with its sweeping lines and outrageous performance.
The sweeping lines of the Speedster Swept exhaust system follow the curved shapes of the motorcycle to create a great look. The Speedster Swepts create a deep rumble that improves the sound but keeps the noise down. Like all Cobra's Speedsters, the Swepts include the Cobra PowerPort for increased low and mid-range power. They are equipped with full length 2.5-inch heatshields which wrap around 222 degrees and cover the 1.75-inch headpipes.

Cobra Speedster exhausts long or short see and HEAR the difference awesome note and looks! Cobra USA

 Cobra Speedster pipes form a wonderful blend of traditional styling and modern performance technology. These triple-chromed, classically styled pipes feature full-length, 222-degree heat shields, chromed aluminum billet tips and are available in long, short and our brand new slashdown version. They also deliver power gains over stock that are among the highest in the business. In part those gains come from the Cobra PowerPort, our proprietary crossover technology that helps to increase overall power from idle to redline. Our engineers here at Cobra virtually lived in the dyno room testing, refining, then testing some more to get the best horsepower gains balanced with real-world rideability. The end result is our dyno-proven-and-tested PowerPort provides the kind of power increase you normally experience with a 2-into-1 system, while retaining the clean classic lines of a 2-into-2 pipe.
Speedster Exhaust available in short or Longs buy the BEST! awesome sound and looks too!
These traditionally styled shotgun pipes also produce class-leading power gains.

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