Kuryakyn Normal Footpeg Adaptors For Victory

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Adaptor only

Küryakyn Footpegs are a 2-part system for convenience & easy installation.
Simply select the Footpegs you desire & the appropriate motorcycle specific Adapter for your bike. The new serrated Adapters bite right into your footpegs for a secure attachment, so make sure they are at the desired angle before you tighten them down. This convenient 2-part system also allows you to change your pegs without purchasing new adapters.
Have a new bike? Simply switch your pegs by purchasing new Adapters.

Note: Adapter fitments are for stock OEM peg mounts.

Price per pair of Adaptors (Footpegs must be purchased separately)

Please choose your model from the Drop Down List

These adaptors are required for fitting the following products:-
Kuryakyn Flamin' Pegs, Widow Pegs, Zombie Pegs, ISO®-Sweptwing Pegs, Switchblade Pegs, Stiletto Pegs, Dually ISO-Pegs,  Small ISO-Pegs, Large ISO-Pegs,  ISO-Wings, Pilot Pegs, Retro Pegs,  & Mini Pilot Pegs

Kingpin Models only
* Only if using Accessory Peg Mounts from Victory.
*Rear will not work with hard saddlebags that have replacement passenger peg mounts.

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