Water Resistant GPS Case Black ZTechnik

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ZTechnik Water Resistant GPS Case for ZTechnik Accessory Mounts Black Z6067

 ZTechnik Accessory Mount; Water Resistant GPS Case

ZTechnik Water Resistant for Car accessories fits all GPS Sat Nav holders techmounts and ZTechnik Accessory Mounts

GPS Case ZTechnik Water Resistant for Car accessories  fits all GPS Sat Nav holders  techmounts and ZTechnik Accessory Mounts

Finally, an easy way to keep your GPS secure and dry on your motorcycle! Until now, unless your GPS was designed for motorcycle use, it was almost impossible to keep your GPS safe while also being clearly visible and within easy reach. The clear front cover allows you to use the touchscreen and to clearly see the screen. Multiple foam inserts adapt to GPS units of varying thickness.
Holds any GPS up to 3.4 in. x 5.3 in. x 1.7 in. Water Resistant entry point for power and other cables. Mounts with included Two-Pin Adaptor to any ZTechnik Round or Rectangular Top Plate.

Material: Water Resistant Vinyl

Hardware: Mounts to any ZTechnik Round or Rectangular Top Plate. Two-Pin Adapter included.

Inside dimensions:
H: 5.3 in. (13.4cm)
W: 3.4 in. (08.6cm)
D: 1.7 in. (04.3cm)

You must purchase the following to install this product: Any ZTechnik Accessory Mount

Ztechnik GPS Mounts Ztechnik Techmount / GPS Mounts or  Iphone  mounts allow use of your equipment from the Handlebars available in Chrome , Silver or black these CNC top quality Aluminium mounts are fully adjustable fo tension  on the tops by allen screws so your item will not flop down or wobble about unlike most nylon or plastic cheap mounts - so go on buy the best buy it once and check our top mounts custom  made for  Phones, Zumo 660 Zumo XM Radios Large double  top and see our optional Car waterproof GPS holders and Iphone holders too- plus our cassette adaptor to allow you to pla your mp3 or Ipod/ iphone through your factory Stereo !! having used one i can confirm they are amazing!!  Mike

New Motorcycle Sat Nav and GPS iphone mounts and holders from Ztechnik UK


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New mounts and accessories for new BMW models.
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Add a TechMount to your machine.
You'll find it's both perfectly practical and practically perfect!

 The only things BMW owners love as much as their bikes are the high tech electronics they install on their bikes. As such, riders are always looking for secure, convenient, and attractive mounting surfaces to support their technology.
ZTechnik has answered the call for tech support, and now offers a full line of TechMounts® for BMW motorcycles. No matter where you go, you CAN take it with you.
Bring along your toll transponder, radar detector, or GPS unit. Add an Accessory Wide Top or an additional TechMount, and add your satellite radio receiver, MP3 player, or just about any other technical gadget you can't live without.
ZTechnik TechMounts are available in a wide range of sizes and mounting options to fit practically any BMW motorcycle.
Options include chrome, anodized silver or anodized black finishes, tall or short stems, 7/8" or 1" handlebar mounts, handlebar control mounts, mirror mounts, fairing mounts, K-mounts, accessory wide tops, quick detach plates... the list goes on

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