Suzuki VL800 Exhaust C50 C800 Drag Pipes Cobra

Cobra USA
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Suzuki VL800 Exhaust C50 C800 Drag Pipes Cobra 3267

Suzuki VL800 Exhaust C50 C800 Drag Pipes Cobra

Suzuki VL800 Exhaust Nothing is simpler than a drag pipe. What's not to understand? The straightest possible pipe, the fewest possible bends, the least possible backpressure

Pure drag pipes work great on dragsters because they spend 100 percent of their time at full throttle. In the real world, you need a little added finesse--the Cobra touch.

Our drag pipes have the pure, simple lines riders want, but they come with our removable power cores. With the cores in you get a great, sharp bark of an exhaust note that's still appropriate for riding in town. And you'll also get a real performance increase you can feel.

Please Note:

Bosses for Lambda Sensors (Oxygen sensors) are not fitted as standard to some aftermarket exhaust.

Models to 2006 require 1 sensor, Models 2007 and Up require 2 Sensors.

We can fit them, supply them for you to fit yourself and we can also supply Lambda eliminators or Electronic fuel and ignition controls.

We would usually recommend that where a bike already already has an oxygen sensor fitted it is preferable to continue to use it in an aftermarket exhaust, in order to continue to obtain optimal overal performance from your bike.

Please Check your model for sensor requirements.

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