Vance Hines FuelPak 61021 V-Rod 2012-13 Tuner

Vance and Hines
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Vance and Hines FUELPAK 

61021 LEGACY FUELPAK Harley Davidson Tuner V-Rod  2012-13

The Fuelpak LED and LCD models are plug-and-play fuel controllers providing custom-tailored fuel mapping for all Delphi fuel injected Harley-Davidson models using SAE J1850 connectors and certain HDLAN connector models, that install in-line with the ECM and modify the output signal to fuel injectors.

Harley Davidson V-Rod   ECU EFi Tuners from Vance & Hines FuelPak  61021 VRod  2012-13  Fuel Management System
• Most effective, simple to use fuel management system on the market today
• No computer or mechanic needed

• Simple installation, just plug it in, enter your values and ride

• Provides the perfect fuel mixture to increase power and improve throttle response• Fuelpak provides settings that are Dyno and street tested specifically for your exhaust system to provide the most powerful and efficient fuel delivery to your application


Available for most Fuel Injected Harely Davidson see  APPLICATION CHART
2012-2013  Fuelpak LCD (V-Rod)  61021
V-Rod 10th Anniversary Edition VRSCDX : 2012
V-Rod Muscle VRSCF : 2012–2013
V-Rod Night Rod Special VRSCDX : 2012–2013
Vance Hines FP3

Off One of Harley Forums-

All I can say is "WOW"...
I was hoping it would do at least a good a job as the ViED's did in correcting my heat and decel popping issues I had with the dealer tune.

This thing did all that and more, just using the first downloaded canned map from V&H. (BigShots, staggered, quiet baffles, free-flow A/C, stock 103ci)
(it backed up my existing map right before flashing the new one, so now I can pull up a list to see what maps are stored, right now only the two.)

So far:
- This bike pulls hard, from top to bottom - throttle response is crisp and FAST.
- Decel pop is now completely gone. The ViED's did a good job here, as I practically had to try to make it happen, but no more.
Now it's gone. 100%. Left off the throttle at any speed and all I get is rumble.
- Engine vibrations at highway speeds (I'm talking 75-80 MPH) are also gone. This thing just purrs, smooth as silk.
- ..and as an unexpected benefit, it even sounds better... Hard to explain, just deeper and more mellow - pure music.

I took off this afternoon just using the first map it gave me, and if it never improved from here I'd be happy - thrilled actually.
I can only imagine running AutoTune will just make it better.
The jury's still out on oil temps and gas mileage. I'll need some time to see on those.

I DID have it running in AutoTune for today's ride, but I haven't flashed any changes from that yet...
So, initial impressions are's already worth every penny.

2014-2017  Fuelpak FP3 (Touring)  66005
2011-2017  Fuelpak FP3 (Softail)  66005
2012-2017  Fuelpak FP3 (Dyna)  66005
2014-2017  Fuelpak FP3 (Sportster)  66005
2014-2017  Fuelpak FP3 ARB EO No. D-632-2 (Touring)  66005A
2011-2017  Fuelpak FP3 ARB EO No. D-632-2 (Softail)  66005A
2012-2017  Fuelpak FP3 ARB EO No. D-632-2 (Dyna)  66005A
2014-2017  Fuelpak FP3 ARB EO No. D-632-2 (Sportster)  66005A
2007-2013  Fuelpak FP3 J1850 (Touring)  66007
2007-2010  Fuelpak FP3 J1850 (Softail)  66007
2007-2011  Fuelpak FP3 J1850 (Dyna)  66007
2007-2013  Fuelpak FP3 J1850 (Sportster)  66007
2011-2013  Fuelpak LCD (Touring)  61019
2008-2010  Fuelpak LED (Touring)  61009
2002-2007  Fuelpak LED (Touring)  61003A
2001-2011  Fuelpak LED (Softail)  61001A
2007-2011  Fuelpak LED (Softail 200mm Rear Tire)  61007A
2004-2011  Fuelpak LED (Dyna)  61005B
2010-2013  Fuelpak LCD (Sportster)  61023
2012-2013  Fuelpak LCD (V-Rod)  61021
2004-2011  Fuelpak LED (V-Rod)  61005B