Mustang Seat Harley Davidson Sportster - Wide Regal Sport Touring Seat

Mustang Seats
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Mustang Wide Regal Sport Touring

Wide Regal Sport Touring Seat for Harley Davidson Sportster 1958-2003

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Vintage, Regal Pillow or Studded styling. Contoured wings inside the wide molded foam shapes are welded directly to the steel baseplate, effectively doubling the lateral support the seat can offer. Logically, if you put an 11" wide foam on a 6" wide fender shape, after an hour of riding in the hot sun, all the passenger will feel is the narrow 6 inches. Mustang supports the full width of the rider and passenger buckets. Yet, outwardly, these Touring Seats still match the lines of the frame and fender, keeping a low profile.


Soft pillow styling tufted with covered buttons.


Front Width - 14"
Rear Width - 11"

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